11 May 2015

Calender Week 19

Too little exercise, too much food: 73,4 kg. Oh well.

On the more positive: knitting. I have finished weaving in the ends for my Bergweihnachten and continued to knit on the sleeves for Fintry, so that moves along nicely. However I have also been bad and oredered Wollkenschaf and Dibadu yarn... so I better keep knitting.

Not much reading going on, especially if you do not count knitting books and magazines.

04 May 2015

Calender Week 18

Weight at 72,9kg, not bad for the little movement over the last weeks.

Finished knitting my Bergweihnachten, but still need to weave ends in and block it before considering it done. This is my WIP for the HabitRPG challenge for April which runs until end of May.

I finished reading A Year of Reading Dangerously by Andy Miller and it makes me want to grab Tolstoi and see if I can get a handle on it. However I cannot find Anna Karenina which I am sure I own. Oh well, will try to finish a few books that lie around half read.

27 April 2015

Calender Week 17

No weigh in, the scale was blocked by a blocking shawl. I finished my Flukra and love it, though I could have made it larger. On to Ostermond socks and then I want to return to my cardigan.

23 April 2015

10 years after

10 years ago we got together, today we are married and still happy to be together.

20 April 2015

Calender Week 16

Weight is back up at 73,2kg, not a big surprise, too much wine, too little excercise.

Finished the socks for MyGuy's physio, so we can gift them tomorrow. Knitting on Flukra and enjoying it.

Finally started a book again, Aloha Quilt.

13 April 2015

Calender Week 15

Good news for my weight curve, after having higher weight all week today I saw 72,7 kg on the scale. Yeah!

I have after several false starts finally gotten a good start on the socks for MyGuy's physio. I am also still enjoying knitting on Flukra, the yarn is so soft and the colors are cheerful. Bergweihnachten is my WIP for the HabitRPG group challenge for April, so hopefully that will get done this month, too.

Not much reading going on, just prefer knitting at the moment.

MyGuy is back at work and so far taking it ok. Let's hope he can keep that up.

I need to get my bike checked, but this weekend it was used bikes at both dealers, so I will try for next week.