23 March 2015

Calender Week 12

Feeling shitty, so forgot to weigh myself and to take my bell peppers along. gah!

Made nice progress on my Fintry while watching the last ski alpin races of the season. Not much else to report.

16 March 2015

Calender Week 11

Yet again forgot to weigh myself. Last Tuesday ended up at 74,4 kg. Drat.

I am knitting on on my Fintry and think it might look ok. The colors are still worrying me.

A visit to MyGuy kept me from doing much else on the weekend, but it was good to catch up in person. Easter cannot come soon enough this year as that will mean he will be home again.

I added some habits to my HabitRPG and hope that will finally get me moving again.

13 March 2015

Terry Pratchett

I was sorry to hear that Terry Pratchett, best know for his discworld novels, die at 66:


Time to reread some of the DEATH books.

09 March 2015

Calender Week 10

Forgot to weigh myself this morning. Cannot be good news with no sport and lots of sweets.

I am reading the sequel to Old Man's war and am enjoying it. I suspect my dad will like them too once I get there again.

I finished the first clue of the Kamelia mystery from Vera Sanon just in time for clue 4 to come out. Now I need to find my 2mm needles for the pick up of the sleeves, but while I have found anything from 2,75 to 5 mm, so far no luck with the 2mm. I have also done my swatch for the Rangel Kal that starts tomorrow and because I needed something brainless I have cast on another cardi in the meantime. However brainlessness was overachieving and I had to rip 297 stitches times 5 as I had used totally the wrong needle size. Duh! Restarted, I love Simply Merino, just hope the colors work out.

02 March 2015

Calender Week 9

Weight: 73,3 kg. Surprised but happy. Now I am actually more motivated to go back to working out. Luckily it seems that walking to and from the railroad station already helps with a lot of it. Happy!

Still knitting on MyGuy's socks, but expect to have them finished by next weekend at least as I hope to go to St. Wendel and see him then. The knitting meeting this Saturday was small, but nice and I have made nice progress on the back of the Spring Mystery Camellia. As I am knitting eastern uncrossed and my hands are not used to that it takes longer and more concentration than stockinette usually does. On the other hand it does not row out, so well worth it.

Not a stitch sewn.

Small progress on decluttering, but every little bit counts.

26 February 2015

Calender Week 8

No weight (likely still up) as we were away over the weekend. No fitness units either, but at least I picked up walking again to and from the railroad station.

Knitting on some socks for MyGuy and eyeing the newest mystery from Vera Sanon.

No patchwork progress at all last week. Need to get on to it this week.

I finally read An Old Man's War, a book that I have owned since 2007. I am also continuing on with Tiger Queens, might have to read some non-fiction on Ghengis Khan to put this in perspective.

16 February 2015

Slow Blogger

As I cannot seem to get to the meetings of the local Slow Food group, maybe I have more luck with this one:

Irish Chain Twist QAL

A bit behind, but I have socks inspired fabric in hand and can start this one:


Calender Week 7

Back to 75kg, drat. No wonder since I have not moved much the last weeks.

For the Sicilian Oranges I have decided on 117 blocks and have cut out the remaining 13 blocks. 100 sewn now.

Cast on a new pair of socks for MyGuy on Valentine's Day, hope to get them finished by next Tuesday, so he can have them when he is away. The brown ones are on hold because they are annoying me.

Read Memories of Running and have now started Winding Ways.

Additional Habit to establish: write down something I am grateful for each day.